Doll prams for every adventure

Especially for little doll's mums, doll prams by Bandits and Angels.

High quality doll prams

Taking a nice walk behind an own doll carriage that resembles a real pram. Indoors or outdoors, the Bandits & Angels assortment makes it all possible. The wide range offers the possibility to select a carriage that suits you wishes and preferences. There are various wooden models, but the assortment also includes multifunctional models, made of metal and plastic. Feel free to take a look at our assortment and allow your young doll's mum to set off with their dream carriage.

No doubt, a Bandits and Angels doll carriage is every doll's mum's dream. For the very little ones, we have adorable baby-walkers. Solid wooden carts that simultaneously provide support during the first steps. Using a Bandits & Angels wooden doll carriage, you kill two birds with one stone, and perhaps even three. Your little one has a beautiful carriage for their doll, which gives support at the same time while learning how to walk and on top it is also a decorative toy collection container.

The replicas of real prams give your little one the sense of actually being part. Just as mummy's pram, also this Bandits and Angels look-a-like doll carriage consists of multiple components. You can turn the pram into a buggy in an instant. Your little one will be so proud, trotting around with one of the prams of the Angel 2in1 series. A unique example of Dutch design. Brightly coloured, high quality doll carriages. The great thing about the Bandits and Angels doll carriage is that also doll's blankets, changing bags and nice other accessories can be ordered in the same colours.