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On the Bandits & Angels website you can find a suitable balance bike for children from 1 to approx. 3 years old.

A balance bike for every child

From a beautiful wooden model to a multifunctional balance bike, thanks to the diversity in models, there is always a suitable model to discover the world with.

For wonderful new adventures, step on a Bandits & Angels balance bike. Beautifully designed, trendy colorways and excellent quality. You can expect that and more from a balance bike from this well-known brand. With a wide range, there is a suitable model for everyone. The diversity in models gives everyone the opportunity to purchase a balance bike that suits their own wishes and preferences. Young and old (er) are therefore happy to get on a Bandits & Angels balance bike.

With a Bandits and Angels balance bike you buy a piece of quality home-grown toys. The indestructible wooden bicycles are the dream of every growing child and will last for years. When designing the models, we have taken into account that every child is different. This has resulted in a whole series of unique designs. From nostalgic walker bikes, cuddly scooters, retro models to multifunctional Smart bikes. A major advantage of the Bandits and Angels balance bike is that it makes a serious contribution to the development of your child, in terms of motor skills, balance and traffic overview.

Balance bikes from Bandits and Angels have a unique dynamically designed design. They come in a range of fresh colors and are suitable for toddlers from 2 years old. The bikes didn't just roll off the drawing board on a lost Saturday afternoon. The Angels and Bandits balance bikes collection has undergone many years of design, testing, refining and retesting. We let the young users do that testing themselves. The final result is a lovingly designed balance bike, which was approved by the children themselves. With our balance bike you get a toy at home which guarantees years of fun.

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