Doll's pram

Especially for little doll mums, there are Bandits & Angels doll prams. Doll's prams for children from 1 year old.

  • Age: 1 year
  • Push bar with 2 positions
  • Optional: name sticker
  • Age: 2 years
  • Wooden doll stroller
  • Low noise wheels
  • Age: 3 years
  • Doll pram and carriage
  • Foldable

A doll's pram, great for transporting a baby doll! Have fun walking behind your own doll's pram that looks just like a real pram. Maybe you can even tag along with mum, who has her own big one? 

About the brand Bandits and Angels 

Our range is characterised by its many different colourways. As Bandits and Angels, we offer a unique design of Dutch design. The freshly coloured dolls' prams are of high quality. The beauty of it is that you can order matching accessories, such as doll blankets and changing bags, in the same colour schemes. 

Wooden doll's prams

For little ones from the age of 1, we have the cute little wooden prams. Sturdy wooden prams that also offer good support when taking their first steps. With a wooden doll's pram from Bandits and Angels you kill two birds with one stone and maybe even three. Your child has a beautiful pram for her doll, has support when walking and this wooden doll's pram also serves as a (decorative) collection bin for toys.

2 in 1 doll's prams

For the ladies aged 3 and up, we have our famous 2in1 models from Bandits and Angels. In no time, you can turn a pram into a buggy. And did you know we also offer some of these models in a megapack, which also includes a cot and a rocker? That way you have a complete set for your doll. 

Indoor and outdoor use

Both the wooden and 2in1 doll's prams can be driven around indoors and outdoors without any problems. The wooden prams have wooden wheels with a rubber rim. And the 2in1 models have plastic castors making them very manoeuvrable and easy to turn.

Personalisation and uniqueness

To top it all off, you can personalise our dolls' prams! In our Bandits and Angels print shop, we can print nappy bags and make name stickers. Choose the doll's name, or that of the doll's mother. That way you'll make an impression when you give one of our doll prams as a gift. 

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