Lost the instructions? Please find below all available manuals for the Bandits and Angels products. Wish to check quickly how exactly to assemble that children's kitchen? Want to verify how to tighten the wheels of that pink doll carriage? Check the easiest way to assemble and disassemble that large tipi? Or do you simply not prefer to keep the documentation on paper? Browse through the list or type the product name in the search bar and find the accompanying file. The product name can always be found on the receipt you received digitally.

Registration is not required to access a manual. You can easily view the document by clicking 'view PDF'. The file will automatically be opened in a new window, so you can study it. If you wish to save the instructions on a computer or telephone, you can select the options in the PDF-file. Please make sure that the relevant device supports Adobe Reader.

We have done our utmost to make the instructions complete and of course we will continue to do so. They include instructions, photos and parts numbers. Should you still miss an assembly step of the relevant Bandits and Angels product or not be able to find it in the list, then please contact our Customer Service. We will be glad to be of service!

If you require a specific new part, please browse through our parts overview. If the required part is in the list, you can easily order it yourself. Ordering before 11.00 pm, means it will be delivered the next day, provided that it is in stock. Should the particular part not be in the list, then of course we can always check for you, or we can order it from our supplier. Also in this case, you can contact our Customer Service.