Our wide collection of balance bikes are available in wood or metal. For children from 1 year and older.

Clean lines and trendy colors. Choice of beautiful wooden doll prams and modern designs.

Timeless wooden train sets. Including accessories and expandable. Next stop: hours of fun.

Colorful wooden doll houses including furniture. Extra large, fresh in color, hours of fun.

Wooden children's kitchens for upcoming chefs. Let your imagination run free and cook it up with fun accessories.

Modern and wooden doll beds. More than enough choice for doll mothers to let their doll dream away.

Beautiful toys for hours of fun!

Toys for cool kids


Bandits and Angels assure many hours of joy. Our teams makes great efforts, on a daily basis, to design, pretty, fun and educative toys. During the development of new models, our designers and purchasers guarantee:


  • Innovative models
  • High quality
  • Unique design
  • Bright colours
  • Dutch design


As a brand, we can only be successful of children are satisfied with their new toys. For that reason we allow children to do testing before we proceed to production. This way we learn every time, no matter how well conceived the toys were. For instance, during the development of our children's kitchens, it appeared that the work top was too low. The entire design was to be re-developed and made perfect for the right target group.

Wooden products have our preference, we do not care for any plastic mass production. Sustainable, while giving a second generation the opportunity to play with Bandits and Angels toys, is what we strive for. We will certainly apply new materials and trends.


Unique design


Our design team follows the latest trends en is directly involved with the test teams. Functionality, convenience, modern colours are key words. A sample is made of each new model, which is tested extensively.



Test team


Over the years, we have gained substantial experience with products. Main aspects, such as seat height, user-friendliness and choice of colour are key. But the real work is done by the children who test the product.


Toys for cool kids

The Bandits & Angels toys manage to give children of various ages endless pleasure. Bandits & Angels is known for its high quality products, each of which are manufactured with passion. In our assortment you will find, for instance, toddler trolleys, children's kitchens, play tents, doll houses and much more. When purchasing one of our products you are assured of many years of playing fun for your children.