Every kid's dream car

Ride-On Cars after a genuine Range Rover. It is almost any kid's (and parent's) dream. Discover the special elements of a Range Rover baby walker, such as real sounds and a functioning steering wheel. Make daddy jealous with this cool baby walker.

Range Rover Evoque wit
  • Seat height of 23 cm
  • Anti-tilt block
  • Noiseless wheels
  • Storage under the seat
  • Button with real sounds on the steering wheel
  • Optional: stickerset with name
  • Free shipping
€ 49,95    € 39,95

Racing around on a trendy vehicle

Range Rover is renowned for its sturdy and robust cars. Choosing a miniature version, obviously you also want to find these characteristics. Rest assured, the Range Rover baby walker, just like the original version, is a cool vehicle with nice rims and a grill. Just for the looks, you would fall for this dream car. In addition to the looks, you may also expect this famous car brand to be fully equipped. The baby walker models thus guarantee a comfortable ride for children from the age of 1 year old.